1、Primary Belt Cleaner

VSK represents top quality level of conveyor belt cleaners in material handling industry.

VSK primary belt cleaner, the blade material is high quality polyurethane. applicable to conveyor belt at speed less than 3.15m/s or below and working in coordination with spring tensioner. Durable and rugged spring tensioner maintains cleaning pressure.

2、Secondary Belt Cleaner:

VSK Secondary Belt Cleaner equipped with Tungsten Carbide blade, which is extremely abrasion resistant and suitable for clean of wet material, high flexible rubber mount is ideal design for different type of splicing, friendly to belt joint with fastener.

3、Brush Belt Cleaner:

brush belt cleaner

4、Replacement High Quality PU Blade for Primary Belt Cleaner

Replacement Tungsten Carbide blade for Secondary Belt Cleaner

VSK tungsten carbide blade for secondary cleaner

Belt Cleaner

Keep your conveyor clean

Easy installation and mantainance.

Durable service life and belt friendly design.

PU or Metal(Tungsten carbide) scraper blade.

Primary, secondary and V-plow belt cleaners.

For heavy-duty or stanard-duty application.

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