VSK supplies full range of rubber sheets, NR, SBR, EPDM, Silicon, Viton, Butyl, CR, NBR, Hypalon...

Different thickness(0.5~50mm), virous colour(Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gray, White, Transparent), any width(10~4000mm),

No matter individual usage for one small piece, or massive industrial application for hundred rolls,

VSK is willing to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

VSK Rubber Sheet Selection Chart

Application NR SBR NBR IIR EPDM CR CSM/Hypalon MVQ/Silicon FKM/Viton
Abarasion E E G G G G G P E
Temperature -30/+80 -30/+100 -40/+120 -35/150 -35/130 -35/+100 -50/+150 -60/+300 -30/+250
Ageing P F E E E G E E E
Water F G E G E G G G E
Alkali F F F F E F G F E
Acid F F P F G F G G E
Oil N N E N N F F E E
Aliphatic solvents N N F N N F P E E
Aromatic Solvents N N F N N N N G E
Halogenated Solvents N N N N N N N G E
Fuels N N G N N N P G E
E: Excellent      G: Good      F: Fair      P: Poor       N: Not recomend

Please note: this is general guide information, please contact our sales engineer for detailed information


Nature Rubber:


Nature Rubber Sheet available with one side roughened, or fabric impression, or cold bonding layer (CN layer).

Synthetic Rubber Sheet:


EPDM / Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer

NBR / Nitrile

CR / Chloroprene





Rubber Sheets

EPDM | SBR/NR | NBR | CR | Butyl | Silicone | Viton

Rubber Sheet Maximum width 4000mm,

With or without fabric insertion,

Smooth surface or with profile pattern.

Nature based, or synthetic based composit.

Sealing, Gasketing, Roofing...all applications.

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